Beauty of sky

Lectures & Speeches

I would like to offer my popular science speakings about some astronomical topics. They have been based on self projects and knowledge. Tremendous work fred me to built my own point of view on the issues, that I covered in those lectures. My work includes the issues, that are to be raised here and has not been popularized yet. I hope, that as time flies and my knowledge is bigger I will boost you to more speakings.

Speaking topics
- The mechanism and application of the Gregorian Calendar
From general overview to specific detail. Why the Gregorian Calendar has been implemented? Was it everywhere in the same time? How the weekdays occurs in relation to months and years? What timeframes are related to them? A little bit more about the Easter period.

- Atmosphere response to sunrise and sunset
An meticulous view into the twilight phenomenon, that occures repeatedly day by day with its influence on Earth's atmosphere. A brief explanation of light cattering in the atmosphere with its outcome, that is to be observed near the terminator line. Does the astronomical day determines the period, when is completely bright? How to interpret the daylight? The longest day & night, are they equal? 3 types of twilight - are they determined correctly? How long does the sunset take?

- New look on the solar eclipse
The focus on the phenomenas associated with the solar eclipse and surroundings during the eclipse. How the sky changes during the eclipse? Does really nothing happen during the partial solar eclipse? The lunar shadow movement across the sky, clouds and remote landforms. How the light level changes. A few words about the Moon disk movement against the solar prominences. The weather response to solar eclipse.

- The Mars - atmosphere & climate & sky
Insight into the Martian atmosphere with its daily behaviour. Comparison of the Martian and Earth's weather conditions. Similarities and differences in daily and year rythms between Mars and Earth. Why the Martian sky color is orange? Twilight on Mars - how long it lasts? Are the stars visible in daylight?