Beauty of sky

I am getting involved into astrophotography. I have not many feats in this field yet however I will improve my photography skills in the future. I used to image the astronomical events by compact camera Canon Powershot SX 130 IS. Recently I have acquired new digital single lens reflex camera Nikon D5300, so I am going to improve quality of my observations. I am concentrated to observe sky on the different perspective and popularize another point of view. My observations base includes the remote observations also, which were made through web cameras (solar eclipses).

I would like to show you a few kind of observations. First two Eclipses and Twilights are combined with my projects. In the section Solar System you will find the observations of the Moon and planets. The Aurora will contain observations aurora australis and borealis from different places in the world. Under the link Sky you will find the observations of comets, occultations and another phenomenas.