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The Astronomy Linkbase

This astronomy linkbase may be tailor made for you. Here you can find many interesting websites, organized in the following categories:

I gather the astronomy links from many countries so many of them are in various languages. Every link was put into the table, which contains the URL address, short describe and tags. Those elements will help you fint proper stuff.
The keywords will help you to find the information directly on proper site. Every table is filterable. You can also do search directly from the website. In this case you need to put an operator: site: with proper value, e.g. site: lunar eclipse.
Here is many links. Basically I divided it for official and private. The official links are stable unlike to private ones. Some of the private and unofficial links may not respond. I am not taking responsibility for this. In the description and tags also I included basic information only. If you will see some not working links or you know some another ones please contact me.