Beauty of sky

The Astro-Gallery

In this place you can see the best photos, which I would like to share with you. In the Atmosphere section you will see the relation between weather, Earth's atmosphere and space. All spotted celestial events occuring above troposphere I will attach here. The Solar System section includes all phenomenas and objects captured outside Earth's atmosphere, occuring in our the closest cosmic environment. The Celestial events section shows you the highlights of the observation, which I have been carrying out. For more details you can always refer to the main "Observations" section on your left. The Deep sky section contains pictures captured through telescope mainly and images of the whole sky or big parts of it done during tourist and astrotourist expeditions anywhere in the World. The Miscellaneous gallery is represented by varoius pictures. I would very much like to collect pictures done by other authors or companies. For this matter I put all them together in the External gallery. This gallery contains pictures coming from varous places in Universe (e.g. Mars) and various phenomenas, which I rather won't be able to snap. I put the best photo visualisations and infographic also to show how some parts of the universe (planets, etc) could be like. You can also check my Night photography section on the main page. I hope that you will enjoy!