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Total solar eclipse, 21.08.2017, Riverton, WY (United States)

Preparing to the eclipse

Firstly I would like to show a little bit of background this whole observation pack, which I have prepared before the journey. It includes a few major things, which are listed in the main file. The file has been prepared in terms of the Great American Eclipse observation plan. I took into account our observation place and made a detail analysis of the all circumstances. All issues has been covered in the file below (Polish):

This file has been prepared for members of Great AMerican Expedition of Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers (Polish abbreviation: PTMA)

I have analyzed the circumstances for six potential observation venues across the Wyoming, within the umbral diameter distance. An effect was interesting, because (according to Stellarium), every lunar diameter meant about 2% of solar obscuration.

21.08.2017 at 11:38 UTC-7 (Stellarium 0.15.2).
21.08.2017 at 11:40 UTC-7 (Stellarium 0.15.2).
21.08.2017 at 11:42 UTC-7 (Stellarium 0.15.2).
Major total solar eclipse circumstances as shown on the pattern (Stellarium 0.15.2)

One of my observation was chasing the shadow on mountainuous areas, located tens kilometers from our observation venue. The best visible were Owl Creek Mts, located about 30-35km towards north. My reference butt was the Little Wells Butte, located 16km westwards, where 2ndcontact was going to occur about 2 s earlier, than in our place.

Because of possibility to create a rough shadow path in Google Earth, I emphasized a few important moments, when umbra should hit the particular mountain ranges and buttes, as per pictures below:
A reference butt Lost Wells Butte, where 2nd and 3rd contact should occur about 2 sec earlier. The Wind River Rangewas located about 110km ahead, which corresponded more or less to umbral diameter.
Umbra hitting the Owl Creek Mts at the moment of 2nd contact at the PTMA position.
Umbra leaving a western part of the Owl Creek Mts about 5-10s before 3rd contact at the PTMA position.

Local circumstances of the 2ndcontact above Owl Creek Mts.
Local circumstances of the 3rdcontact above Owl Creek Mts.

Street View overlook towards Wind River Range from the PTMA position against the Urlich Deuschle panorama generator.

My final output of the preparation was looking as per pictures below:

Umbral shape generated in Google Earth for Riverton, WY surroundings.
Umbral shapes overlapped through about 3min sequence. every single shape is 10 sec ahead.
Full totality vizualisation for PTMA position (near Riverton, WY) with using the Google Earth software.

All elements included in my preparation of the totality observation for members of Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers you can see in the movie below.

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